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Greg Brooks I Master Dog Trainer

As the owner and founder of Front Door Dog Training, Greg began training his own dog at the age of 13 in obedience which started as a hobby that quickly became his obsession. He spent countless hours reading on the subject, and trying out new methods and techniques. Dogs always held a special place in Greg's heart and he would often feed and care for every stray dog that found its way to his home. Soon there were large groups of dogs hanging out at his house all the time. Greg never called animal control, but instead , found homes for the countless hounds that were released by careless hunters after hunting season ended. This experience enabled Greg to gain a firsthand education in dog behavior and more importantly, how pack structure influenced canine behavior. After graduating high school, Greg pursued his dream of training dogs by working for and accumulating hundreds of hours of training dogs under a Senior Dog Trainer in Richmond, VA, at her dog training facility. It was here that Greg began his professional career as a dog trainer. He worked with at least ten dogs a day on various obedience exercises. Followed by his employment at this facility he then became a Pet Training Instructor for a nationally known pet supply store. This allowed Greg to not only strengthen his skills in training dogs but now he learned how to teach people as well. After working with hundreds of owners and their canine companions, Greg opened Front Door Dog Training in 2007. He offered top notch instruction for affordable rates in the client’s home. Since most behavioral issues exist in the dog’s home, this is where Greg dealt with those issues. Greg uniquely customizes a training program for each client and their dog, because no one method will be effective on each dog. Using positive reinforcement, Greg becomes the bridge to connect owner and dog to full understanding while strengthening the bond and order within the family "pack".

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