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Why our clients love us!


“We credit Greg and Front Door Dog Training with saving our little Jake. Shortly after we adopted Jake, it was apparent that he suffered from severe noise phobias and was terrified to go outside. We were at our wits end and thought our only alternative would be to return him to the shelter. Greg came highly recommended by Dr. Betty Baugh Harrison. Day 1, Greg had Jake walking down the street. We were amazed! Crate training was the next obstacle but guess what - Jake now sleeps in his crate nightly thanks to Greg's patience and persistence. (Still doesn't "love it" but doesn't resist and I am happy with that!) Cannot thank you enough!!” ~ Michelle B. | Richmond, VA


" I had the most spoiled dog ever, a shih tzu named Sammy Davis Jr. Well him being spoiled and a lap puppy that I allowed to do whatever he wanted presented many challenges. We moved and had a baby. Sammy could not handle the stress of the move, the larger home nor a baby. So, I found Greg. I did not know how amazing he would be. I was trained to keep Sammy's anxiety and stress levels down. Sammy became the baby's best friend! All that to say, if you do what Greg says the way he says to do it, YOU CANNOT LOSE!" ~ Erica W. S | Richmond, VA


" Greg is a wonderful trainer. He works with ONLY positive reinforcement, I was so impressed with his rapport with the dogs, as well as humans. My young Schipperke, Boggart, would pretty much ignore me...and I have trained 4 Schips and 1 Jack Russell to be great dogs. Was getting nowhere with Boggart. From the beginning, Greg could get him to do everything, and he helped me learn to do the same. If you want to help yourself make your dog a "better" dog, don't hesitate to call Greg!" ~ Kate D. | Richmond, VA 


“I'm here to tell you about to extraordinary people Tish and Greg who took my 90 pound Bernese Mountain dog who became very skittish about floors after a fall and turned him into the dog that I've always wanted he's doing great they were excellent with working with him and with me thanks so much” ~ Michele S. | Richmond, VA


" Greg has helped my family see several of our rescue pups from a point where we question if they would be able to become part of our family to family members...I can not say enough about his positive energy that is infectious.i have learned so much from him and continue to do so every time I see him with dogs. I would really like to give him 10 out of 5 stars." ~ Cindy M. | Richmond, VA

"I had the pleasure of working with Letisha Brooks for several years. Actually, I first hired her to work for me at my business, Canine to Five. It was a dog day care and boarding kennel, and I hired Tish as a kennel attendant. Working along side her, observing her work ethic, getting to know her, I soon came to know Tish as a person of many gifts. Her interpersonal skills were outstanding. She was liked and respected by her co-workers and clients alike. And, she had quite a gift with the dogs. She soon took on duties not only in the kennel, but in the front office, as a trainer, and eventually as my assistant manager. Letisha is a wonderful young woman of character, whom I trust, admire and like immensely." - Paula K. | Richmond, VA

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